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Our Great Partnership

Partnership Programmes

Are you our next client to join our partnership programme? Customers need tools, information, and support to be successful online. To reach that goal, we collaborate with a wide range of partners that help spread the accessibility of online solutions to their beneficiaries and communities. We offer great deals to selected partners who wish to take their online presence journey with us.

Strategic Partnerships

As part of our mission to enable customers to be successful online, we collaborate with a wide range of start-up incubators, trade bodies, educational institutions and IT solution operators across Europe. Our shared goal is to improve accessibility to all the tools, services and information needed to go and grow online. We have seen thousands of ideas blossom into projects and businesses and are proud to have contributed to those successes. 

Will You Join CromStel IT Group Partnership?

Are you an incubator, think tank, university, or non-profit? Would your audience benefit from better education about digital enablement? Would you like to provide access to affordable website tools? If you said yes three times, you could be our next strategic partner! We offer great deals to selected partners who wish to take their online presence journey with us. To learn more about our partnership offers, contact us via 

Affiliate Partnership Programmes

Are you our next affiliate partner? If you’re looking for a no-risk source of income from your website, consider signing up to our affiliate programme. Your visitors will enjoy great deals on trusted products from a leading online service provider, while you get to earn money for each purchase.

Signing up is easy, and there’s no limit on how much you can earn. Register with our affiliate network to get started. 

How It Works
  1.  Become An Affiliate (Vendor) 
    • First, you need to sign up with our affiliate network. As soon as you’re approved as an affiliate, you’ll get your own link to share on your website, social media, email, and wherever you like. 
  2. Post Your Products 
    • Post your ad with an affiliate link on your website, social media, or other marketing channels you manage. You earn money each time a visitor clicks on your ad and makes a purchase.
  3. Get Paid
    • You earn your money each time a visitor makes a purchase. The network you work with will calculate your commission automatically. There’s no limit on how much you can earn or how many people you can refer.

Our Suppliers

We partner with the best suppliers. They help us consistently provide innovative, reliable and state-of-the-art solutions to our customers, where all components fit together and work as one. From cyber security, to infrastructure, to domains, to hardware – we make sure to offer our customers the user experience they deserve. 

We Partner With The Best Suppliers

We care about our partners: software vendors, software suppliers and hardware manufacturers. They help us consistently provide innovative, reliable, and state-of-the-art solutions to our customers, where all components fit together and work as one.

Hosting Data Centers

We operate data centers and a series of network points of presence at various European locations – all interconnected with redundant black fibers. The main data centers are with our partner Global Connect that provides world-class server room facilities and guarantees. Other data center locations are operated in co-operation with EquinixDigiplex and Interxion.

We collaborate closely with Tier-1 hardware vendors, including HPE, Dell and NetApp who supply our data centers with hosting equipment. As a result, our customer data is always hosted on the best and most secure hardware platform on the market.

Dell is the largest global manufacturer and direct provider of innovative and high-quality computers, memory, servers, storage, and services. Their high standard shines through our partnership and ensures our ability to provide high-value consistent hosting for our customers.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise provide us with servers and continuously introduces new products and services while monitoring the trends of the market and technology. 

NetApp Data Storage Systems supply us with hardware and software-based data storage and retrieval/backup systems. They provide a modular hardware architecture running the Data ONTAP operating system and WAFL (Write Anywhere File Layout) software, guaranteeing that systems have one of the market’s highest quality and stability rates. We back up all customer data by default and for free; your files, emails and databases are always stored securely. 

Our Network Systems

Our core network is supplied by Juniper switches, as one of the most stable switch platforms on the market. By only using the best hardware components, we’re prepared for future demands on innovative, secure and stable backend infrastructure. 

Our IT Partners

We’ve partnered up with Microsoft to give our customers what they want – all their favorite Microsoft apps and file storage for maximum productivity. We’ve created a package with all the apps in Microsoft Office 365, including Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and more. In addition, we’ve thrown in a free subscription to the virus protection software Comodo Internet Security Pro. Read more about our Microsoft package here

Our partnership with Google aims at offering our customers digital marketing tools and services, so that they can drive traffic to their websites and market their products successfully. The partnership enables us to offer exclusive deals on Google products for customers, including integrations of Google Ads, Google Shopping and Google My Business with Also, our friends at Google regularly offer digital marketing consultations and training to customers. 

Cyber Security

Halon offers a flexible security and operations platform for email in transit. We run large-scale email services in co-operation with Halon. By always using the latest technology in threat protection, we reduce security risks for our customers. Read about how our customers benefit from our partnership with Halon in this case study

Cyren is leading a revolution in internet security. Cyren uses extensive cloud intelligence to provide the fastest protection available. They offer an array of proprietary technologies, ranging from algorithms and behavioral analytics to big data, machine learning, and advanced threats research. We’re benefiting from their extensive detection capabilities, to quickly identify and block cyber threats.  The Spamhaus Project non-profit is a global leader in the fight against spam, protecting over 3 billion mailboxes. With Spamhaus we provide state-of-the-art spam filters to our email users.

Top-Level Domains

We work closely with a wide range of top-level domain suppliers to offer over 400 different domains to our customers. Variety of choice coupled with smooth administration of domain names is a cornerstone of our operation. We also make an effort to be part of the domain community and help shape future policies and technical standards of the Internet. 

ICANN & Future Of The Internet 

We are accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), an international non-profit corporation responsible for the administration of generic top-level domain names (gTLD). The accreditation enables us to work directly with Verisign, Afilias, Donuts, Radix, and other major vendors. These strategic partnerships unlock collaboration projects and ensure our domain operations are state-of-the-art.

To shape future policies and technical standards of the internet, we actively engage with the ICANN community. We’re members of the 21 elected councilors developing future domain-related policies within the Registrar Stakeholder group.

Country Code Top-Level Domains 

Like an ICANN accreditation, we maintain agreements with registries in individual countries to administer local domain extensions. Direct partnerships guarantee faster support and a smoother customer experience. 

We participate actively to represent our customers’ interests in shaping the future of domains. We’re active members of the .be registrar forum, DotEnno (Norwegian registrar association), (Swedish registrar association), as well as the policy advisory group for Internetstiftelsen, registry.